IkT-148009 for Parkinson’s Disease and GI complications of Parkinson’s Patients

Disease-Modifying Therapy to Reverse the Course of Parkinson’s Disease

Our lead product candidate, IkT-148009, is a highly potent, first-in-class, small-molecule medication designed and engineered as a chronically administered, once-daily oral medication that targets an underlying biological mechanism that leads to Parkinson’s disease, with the goal of reversing disease progression. IkT-148009 is designed to block the activation of Abl kinase, a clinically validated drug target, to prevent and/or reverse the loss of dopamine-secreting neurons in the brain and GI tract by restoring neuroprotective mechanisms.

Having demonstrated that Abl kinase inhibition can protect against disruption of development and progression of Parkinson’s-like syndrome in the brain and GI tract in animal models using IkT-148009, we intend to submit two Investigational New Drug (IND) applications in the first quarter of 2019 to begin clinical development in multiple classes of Parkinson’s patients. We are currently completing IND-enabling studies to advance IkT-148009 into the clinic.

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